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MH-60M DAP UES Blackhawk Wooden Model

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Military Mahogany is proud to offer this MH-60M DAP (Direct Action Penetrator) wooden model helicopter to our series of beautiful hand crafted models. For years we have had request for this model and we finally have it. We took great strides to make this as accurate as possible and here are some of the details, miniguns, M230 chain gun left side, FFAR rocket pod left, pitot tubes, UES (Upturned Exhaust System) and even the blades have trim tabs on them. Look all you want you will not find a better detailed DAP than this.

A modified UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, the MH-60M Direct Action Penetrator (DAP) is a gunship operated by the US Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), or the 'Nightstalkers'. The DAP would not normally carry troops. Instead, it is used to provide close air support and escort for US special operations helicopters and ground troops.

The MH-60M is a highly upgraded UH-60 Blackhawk. Additions includes a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera and terrain-following radar, upgraded transmission and a host of defensive countermeasures. These souped-up Blackhawks need all this extra kit to carry out the demanding and dangerous missions asked of them.

This is not some cheap wood toy each model takes an average of 18 hrs to complete and is coated with 3 coats of polyurethane for a super high gloss finish. You will not find a better more detailed model than this.

17" Rotor
17" Length
5" Width
9" Height with stand
Category:160th SOAR, Military