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Civil War Napoleon 12 Pounder Cannon Wooden Model

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Military Mahogany is proud to offer this 12-Pounder Napoleon wooden model cannon replica to our series of beautiful hand crafted models. This replica features stunning detail from front to rear, including tools used by the crews that manned them, even the main cannon can be tilted up and down.

The cannon was called the Napoleon because its design was first adopted by Emperor Louis Napoleon of France in the 1850’s. In the U.S., the gun was formally designated as “Light 12-Pounder Gun, Model 1857”. There were only a few dozen in existence in the U.S. when the War began 1861, but by the battle of Gettysburg in 1863, they had become the most popular smoothbore cannon for both sides. Before the War ended, more than 1100 had been produced in the North and more than 600 in the South. By late 1864, Lee’s army of Northern Virginia was using more Napoleons than all other varieties combined.

The gun was so widely used because it was as effective as its predecessors, but much lighter and more mobile. It was also popular because it did its job so well. Solid shot, explosive shell, spherical case shot(containing many small balls) and canister could all be fired with deadly effect. Effective range was about 1000 yards, and maximum range was nearly a mile.

Southern gunners were particularly partial to the use of Napoleons. On both sides, no other Civil War artillery was more widely or effectively used.

14.5" Length
7.5" Barrel Length
7/8"Barrel Diameter
8" Width
6.25" Wheel Diameter