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LAV-25 Coyote Wooden Model

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Military Mahogany is proud to offer this Lav-25 wooden model to our series of beautiful hand crafted models. You don't see many hand carved wooden models of Lav's around and that is because I'm currently the only seller that had these produced. These were custom ordered and made to the exact specifications and details of the real thing. Even the turret on top swivels 360 degrees as do the eight wheels. The rudders behind the props also rotate. We tried to use the most popular configuration with respect to how most units roll with these guys (spare fuel cans, spare tire and exhaust system). This model is custom carved from mahogany wood and weighs over 7 lbs, please see below for exact dimensions.

The LAV-25 8x8 wheeled system was designed and produced by General Motors of Canada (which went on to become General Dynamics Land Systems) to meet a requirement as put forth by the United States Marine Corps. The LAV-25 offers up a mobile and highly-adaptable platform to which the war planner can utilize the system to perform a myriad of battlefield-related tasks. The LAV-25 itself is based on the Swiss MOWAG Piranha 8x8 series of armored vehicles which, incidentally, is also owned by GDLS of Canada.

Initially ordered in six differing versions with development for the US Marine Corps and the US Army, the process eventually saw the US Army bow out of the testing program. This left the US Marine Corps alone in ordering no fewer than 758 units for delivery slated between 1983 and 1987. After production had completed, the LAV-25 was subsequently added to the inventory of the Canadian Armed Forces in 1993 to which 203 were produced as the LAV-25 " Coyote" in the primary form of a battlefield reconnaissance vehicle.

The LAV-25 systems offer up accommodations for a driver at front left with the engine mounted to the right. A two-man powered turret is fitted with the M242 Bushmaster 25mm chain gun and is mounted at the vehicle's rear. Additionally, the LAV-25 can carry six fully-equipped infantrymen in a 3-person bench on either side of the rear left and right walls. Firing ports are provided for each of these seating positions as well.

While the turret contains a standard 7.62mm co-axial machine gun mount (M240 style, detailed in the Small Arms section of this site), an additional 7.62mm machine gun can be mounted for air-defense duties as an option. Smoke grenade dischargers are also provided, as is night vision equipment for the driver, gunner and commander. The LAV-25 is fully amphibious and is currently seeing active service with US forces in the Middle East.

13.5" Length
7" Wide
7" Height